CV Mutant Signal Shaper


CV Mutant is a Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

CV Mutant shapes an envelope into the exact progression you want, and was designed as a translation matrix to convert any CV signal into another. Map a combinator rotary to the Big Knob, allowing the rotary to take on any curve imaginable. Use the simple built-in LFO; internally routed to the envelope stages, morphing the LFO to take on any shape. Or use the built-in Trigger; for a one-shot play of the envelope with support for a sustain loop, and variable play-speed and amplitude based on the note played.

Take full control of your CV Signals! CV Mutant Envelope Shaper will make your life easier and a whole lot more interesting!

CV Mutant version 2 available soon!

See what's new in version 2!


16 stage envelope, with transitions between stages shapable by adjusting the Curve and Width parameters;

Interactable display, set up your envelope easily using drag and drop;

De-linearize your combinator rotaries by using the Big Knob feature;

LFO with a wide range of synced or free rates. (Synced from 1/32 to 32/1, or a free rate of 0.01Hz to 100Hz);

One-shot trigger makes envelope playable. Supports sustain loop, and variable play rate and variable gain depending on the note played.

'Mutate' any CV signal into another, definable by the envelope;

Includes 130+ combinator patches, to demonstrate how CV Mutant can help you shape your CV signals;

Unipolar processing, with support for Bipolar input and output;

Shift your input to the left or right before reading the envelope;

Clamp your input to the normally accepted range, or use Wrap to map the excess input to the other side of the envelope;

6 CV Outputs, 1 for the Big Knob, 4 for CV translations, and 1 for the LFO. All are processed and output in parallel;

Monitor the I/O's for CV, LFO, Trigger or the Big Knob on the display and LED meter by using the selectable Show I/O;

Features in detail

CV Mutant features up to 16 stages of definable envelope shape. Each envelope stage's transition into the next, can further be shaped by using the Stage Curve and Stage Width parameters. The Stage Curve parameter will interpolate a curve between envelope stage's, and is fully sweepable through logarithmic, linear, and exponential curve transitions. The Width parameter, on the other hand, will make the particular stage longer or shorter in relation to the other stages. All Stages combined are always the same length, no matter what the individual widths are, or how many stages are in use. Effectively 'Mutating' the CV signal into your desired shape.

The display allows you to insert and remove stages and features a drag and drop functionality to easily shape the curve exactly how you want it to be. This allows most of the 'hocus pocus' to remain hidden. Feedback about the current reading position and enabled stages is also displayed here.

If you feel limited by your standard linear combinator rotaries, and would like your rotaries to take on a shape of their own, there's the Big Knob! The Big Knob index's a specific position of CV Mutant's envelope and sends the corresponding CV value to the Big Knob CV output. Rotate the Big Knob to scan through CV Mutant's custom envelope. By mapping a combinator rotary to the Big Knob, the rotary will then be given the shape of CV Mutant's envelope, instead of the default linear rotary control. Easily map several CV Mutants to one combinator rotary, to then have CV Mutant's custom envelope control all your combinator's parameters at once.

The LFO in CV Mutant has a wide range of speeds, ranging from a 1/32 of a bar to 32 bars, or a free rate of 0.01Hz to 100Hz. Easily achieve super fast LFO cycles, or very subtle sound morphing over a longer period of time. The LFO produces a ramp (fwd) or triangle (fwd-bwd) shaped CV signal. This CV signal is then used to scan the envelope. Since it is you who shapes the envelope, you're not tied to a random or preset shape. Any LFO shape is possible!

CV Mutant can also be triggered. Triggering CV Mutant instantiates a one-shot play of the envelope. The trigger channel can be triggered using either CV input (i.e. by a Matrix), by midi notes, or if CV Mutant is inside a combinator by ticking the option 'Receive Notes' in the programmer. The trigger also features a sustain loop, which is enforced as long as the note is held/gate is open. The play rate is configurable and matches the free rates also available on LFO and can be scaled by the pitch of the note. The output of trigger can be scaled by the velocity of the note.

You can easily route an external CV Signal through CV Mutant to subtly tweak it, or transform it into an entirely different shape. CV Mutant will use your external CV signal to scan through the custom envelope shape. Turn an external 4-stage ADSR into a 16 stage envelope, or keep feeding back an LFO  into some of the other CV inputs, to quickly create complex CV curves.

CV Mutant ships with 130+ patches, designed by various artists, each with their unique approach to CV Mutant 'Wizardry'!

While designed for Unipolar processing, CV Mutant allows you to convert a Bipolar signal into a Unipolar signal, and then back into a Bipolar signal again, using the dedicated polarity switches on the back.

There are 6 channels within CV Mutant. 1 for the Big Knob, 4 for the CV Inputs, and 1 for the LFO. Each channel is processed in parallel, so you are not bound to using just one channel. If you happen to need the same envelope a multiple of times, or want to power up your LFO output, by inserting it to one of the CV Inputs, there's nothing stopping you!